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January 15, 2018

Ahhhh school holidays…. Such a bitter sweet time.


I love the relaxation that the first week or so brings- no lunches, no routine. No sports days to remember or forms to fill in. No strict bed times & the days full of opportunity.

Then the realisation sets in that YOU still have to work, plus juggle entertaining the kids for a whole SIX WEEKS plus finish or begin Christmas shopping, plan a menu for 23 for Christmas Day (then cook it!), send off presents to interstate family on time, attend 3,943 Christmas parties, find baby sitters & all the rest *cue horror music*

But you throw in your daughters birthday on December 29th (Should’ve planned that a bit better shouldn’t I? I blame Josh & a couple of bottles of moscato) & you so become slightly unhinged by the end of it all. 

The First Day of School

So as we enter the last week of Summer School holidays I do get a bit excited, I love my girls more than I love mashed potato (that is a lot!) but I look forward to sending them off to school each new year, and I used to feel guilty that I felt that way, but I don’t anymore.
A new year brings so much hope for not just adults but kids too! New teachers new classrooms, new & different friendship circles (hopefully good ones!) and who could forget all that new stationery!!!! *insert all the heart eyes*

Please don't tell me I am the only one who gets excited about labelling books & all the other school paraphernalia? OMG I love it..... must be the organised virgo in me, but sticking stickers on things & labelling pencils really floats my boat. 

I have all the stolen....er purchased merch from the shop- new water bottles, new lunch bags, new set of wrappa reusable food wraps & some cute lunch mails.... they are set!

The First Day of School

But it was only a few years ago that this week before school begun filled me with a sense of dread, of apprehension. I remember the feelings vividly as I prepared to send Poppy off to Prep - she is now about to begin year 4.
I cried & cried & cried as I watched her nap the day before School begun. She was surely too little to be starting school.... she is about to be exposed to the world. Exposed to a whole big giant place filled with , well life.
Cant we just keep her home watching Peppa Pig for a little bit more? I asked my husband. No he said. It is time to send her off to become a school kid.
2 years later we did the same with Harper & it was like Groundhog Day but a bit easier because I knew she had Poppy there. I was so nervous and scared.
Watching both my girls in their uniforms that are too big & bags that are actually small suitcases topped off with shiny shoes & big floppy hats - my heart broke. Not for them, oh no, they were excited. My heart broke for me, for my babies were out "there" now, out in a world that they have been cocooned from. They were out in the big bad world with other kids opinions & stories & all the shit things in life. Because up until then the biggest shit thing in their life was when giggle & hoot sung the good night song or when i tried to get them home from muddies water park. 

I am not going to lie - I sat in the car & cried like a ginormous baby after saying goodbye. All day I couldn't wait to go & pick them up - I had to resist all day phoning the office. And it was WORSE when Harper started because then I was without both my babies. It is the most peculiar feeling.

The First Day of School

But! it isn't all bad - I realise I have made it sound that way. I am very lucky that both my daughters were blessed with AMAZING teachers for their first years, and let me tell you this makes a difference! I felt safe & reassured by them. They both love school & enjoy going. They have fabulous friends & have learnt some very important life lessons. They are both kind kids, empathetic & polite. They are respectful & both pretty smart - this is only partly because of Josh & I - lots has been learnt in school. And the tough things - well you just gotta fumble your way through them one at a time like I do.... 
But how exciting it is to wonder what they are going to grow up & be... this is the beginning of something amazing!!!

The First Day of School

I guess the point of this blog is to reassure all Mums - both those who are excited to send their smalls off to school next week as well as those that are frightened.

It is ok. They will be ok. You will be ok. We will all be ok together.

Both feelings are normal - and you will probably fluctuate between the two - I know I still do, when the girls have shit going on at school all I want to do is scoop them up & keep them home with me where they are safe & I can protect them. And other days I barely stop for them to get out the car at stop drop & go.... haha 

And to our teachers - thank you for all that you do, thank you for educating our children & making a difference in the world. Thank you for protecting our babies when we aren't there to do it, thank you for comforting them when they are sad & thank you for putting up with mental parents (I, obviously am not one..... I'm just saying )

Good luck Mumma's & also to dads & carers for next week. Whatever faze of school life you are entering, I wish you & your babies love, strength & courage.


K x


The First Day of School



The First Day of School

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