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Our Story

Who Are We?

Eggplant & Poppy is gift & home décor store located in Cairns....Far North Queensland specialising in the unique and quirky in both handmade (by us!) and sourced products.

How did our business begin?

Truth known….. It was over a few too many drinks on a 2am drunken walk from Cairns Casino to Macca's that we came up with the idea to combine our businesses. No Shit.

Essentials for a small business partnership

Our business was established in 2014 & is a partnership between Emma – I’m Not Really 40, and Kirsty – this is my real hair.

Realising we both had the same work ethics, goals, direction and most importantly sense of humour (although our sense of fashion still remains dubious)

We opened our retail doors in September 2015.

Between us we have 4 kids, 2 husbands, 3 cats, 2 dogs and some impressive interpretive dancing skills.

With E&P handmade goods made literally in store in the studio, and being constantly on the lookout for on trend & exciting gifts & homewares, this is one very exciting gift store that you will want to visit sooner rather than later.

Thanks for stopping by.

The e+p girls x
(and Russ)

Meet The Eggplant & Poppy Super Models


Co-Boss Lady

Meet Kirsty or Tiffany in IT as we know her here at E&P.

Kirsty is the stock ordering wizz, spending countless hours sourcing the awesome goods we sell. As well as being attached to the computer everyday finding the quirkiest, gorgeous and unique products she also is the website, social media, photography & technology extraordinaire.

On more than one occasion Kirsty has been known to over order crystals and books which can occasionally end up in her home. When co-owner Kirsty manages to break free from the Mac she rearranges the crystals, restocks the E&P grog cupboard, sneaks out of the store to buy records and plants and throws out Emma's stash of cardboard boxes


Co-Boss Lady

Introducing Emma or as she's affectionately known by us as Glenda in Finance.

Emma/Glenda is the financial guru behind Eggplant & Poppy. Budgets and bookwork, accounts and invoices are all covered by this legend. Coming from a crafty background - earrings, name blocks, hilarious cards & pretty much everything handmade comes from the brains of Emma.

Other than being co-owner, creator and budgeting brains Emma is also the one to eat all the chocolate, make you laugh uncontrollably, cook shit meals, hoard cardboard boxes and half finish jobs.


SALES Lady extraordinaire

Larissa - as you'd expect she too has a nickname.

We call her Pissa! Not because of her age and impending incontinence but because it's the only thing we could think of that rhymed with Larissa.

Larissa has many roles here at E&P. She is a habitual rearranger, moving stock and re merchandising almost every day. When new stock arrives somehow Larissa manages to unpack, price and find a home for it. She is the one you'll find when you first walk in, usually chatting to customers, finding their ideal gift or finishing Emma's uncompleted jobs.

Did we mention she's usually chatting? She is also obsessed with lists and having everything organised. Are our earrings and books colour coded, yes they sure are. 



Finally, the most consistent of our staff, the hardest worker, the one with the best abs - it's Russell!

Consistent because he is always at work 24/7 wearing the same outfit and the same facial expression. Hardest because he's made of cardboard and those abs are not bad but we could all have them if we really wanted!

Hypothetically if we had a warehouse, we'd employ someone just like him. For now though we have a stiff cut-out of some random guy who we are all guilty of touching inappropriately at some point.

Our Store

Shop 10 Oceana Walk Arcade
62 Grafton Street Cairns QLD 4870


9am - 2pm


9am - 2pm


9am - 2pm


9am - 2pm


9am - 2pm


9am - 2pm


In Bed Snoring.....zzz

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