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Our Story

Eggplant & Poppy is gift & home décor store located in Cairns....Far North Queensland specialising in the unique and quirky in both handmade (by us!) and sourced products. 

How did our business begin? Truth known…..

It was over a few too many drinks on a 2am drunken walk from Cairns Casino to Macca's that we came up with the idea to combine our businesses.

Essentials for a small business partnership.

Our business was established in 2014 & is a partnership between Emma – I’m Not Really 40, and Kirsty – this is my real hair.

Realising we both had the same work ethics, goals, direction and most importantly sense of humour (although our sense of fashion still remains dubious)

We opened our retail doors in September 2015. 

Between us we have 4 kids, 2 husbands, 2 cats, a dog and some impressive interpretive dancing skills. 

e is for eggplant
Vintage Poppy

= Eggplant + Poppy!

About Kirsty-

Born and raised in far north Paraguay, Kirsty spent her childhood days playing on the country's picturesque beaches. A the tender age of 16 she entered the NASA Space Agency program for gifted children with curly hair. After years of moon rock sorting and  mastering the art of looking kick arse in a white jumpsuit, Kirsty decided to immigrate to Australia via a hot air balloon. And here she meet her husband Josh, who worked at Latex Repair Factory. 2 children later, a robot dog and a cat with more attitude than a Jerry Springer guest, Cairns now plays home to this fearless explorer of the skies.
Kirsty is the brains behind the I.T. division and even has her own computer and extension cord. She has an exceptional eye (actually, she has got two eyes other NASA would not have let her drive the rockets)  for colour & style and can re- merchandise the store in under 5 minutes. She is forever on the look out for new and exciting products to add to Eggplant & Poppy's ever changing collection and is the only person at E&P who can correctly apply eye shadow.
When she is not busy working at E&P, Kirsty can be found compiling a comprehensive list of tropical potato species and trying to get Dave Grohl to marry her.


About Emma-

Apart from constantly denying she is in her 40’s & defending her weirdo way of speaking (hello! She is from Western Australia) Emma likes to spend her time at Eggplant & Poppy drinking copious amounts of coffee & starting 439 jobs at once.

She has a Doctorate in Microsoft Publisher, Advanced diploma in guillotine work & likes to boast about being a great interpretative dancer.

Emma fell in love with her husband when they were both scuba diving off the WA coast line & she forgot to refill her air tank (she could still talk without air though, another of her talents) – her husband came to the rescue & they later married & have two kids & a dog who gets questionable haircuts.

Eggplant & Poppy wouldn’t run without Emma, she is the brains behind all bookwork, is a mean paper crafter & recently appeared on an episode of hoarders because of her vintage suitcase & paper accumulation – both of these do benefit the business though. She has a slight addiction to anything crafty & is the chief designer of all our jewellery & handmade products.

With the BEST sense of humour you will find, if you’re in need of cheering up, Emma is the woman to do it – But don’t talk to her about the price of alfoil. She gets cranky.


 With E&P handmade goods made literally in store in the studio, and being constantly on the lookout for on trend & exciting gifts & homewares, this is one very exciting gift store that you will want to visit sooner rather than later.

Thanks for stopping by.

Emma & Kirsty xx


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