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May 20, 2016

Anyone watch those home reno shows & sit there & think "maaannnn, my house is boring"? I think sometimes it is in a womans genetic make up to want to purchase pretty house stuff & make their bedrooms like out of a Home Beautiful magazine. BUT! Then you look at your bank balance & go "nope. Not happening."

Forget paint & ripping up flooring etc... it is easy to change the look of a room or area on a budget. Yes I know what you're thinking.... yeah yeah. We've heard it all before. So have I.

We recently built our house (see previous blog post about that HERE) and whilst it is all new & shiny, it is no where near finished. Our outdoor deck is off of our main living area which is upstairs & we spent 90% of our awake time out here. When we have visitors we sit out there - it is cool, relaxing & has amazing views of garden, rain forest & mountains.

But it is boring. My husband constantly wrecks my attempts at keeping it nice with his littered empty coopers pale ale stubbies, BBQ paraphernalia and more..... the kids leave their toys & crap everywhere too. So! this week I stole...er borrowed.... a whole heap of stuff from the shop to show you how easy it is (I am totally not returning any of it either.) to make a space look stylish & comfy.... plus to further reiterate why it is important to shop at Eggplant & Poppy ;)

Exhibit A: My outdoor area BEFORE photo.

Outdoor Area BEFORE




So, after not much effort (except pick up everyone's crap) you can see the difference a bit of styling & a couple of new items makes!

Recyled Plastic Indoor/Outdoor mat: from $50
Cushion Crush Cushions- mold, water & fade resistant: from $55
Cotton Table Runner: $22
Bluebird Candle Soy - Green Tea & Ginger in Vintage Pot: $45
E&P Handmade Coasters: From $5 each or set of 4 for $24

Table Runner & Coasters: Eggplant & Poppy
Candle: Blue Bird Candles
Cushion Crush Cushion.
All Available At Eggplant & Poppy

Made from the most amazing fabric, these cushions are mold, water & fade resistant,
making them perfect for out door areas! Hand crafted in Coolum, QLD.


So as you can see a mini make over of any space in your home like this can cost you under $200! All of these items listed are available in the shop now....  or if you are interstate & are interested in something, please contact us & we can hook you up :)
PH: 07 4031 1748 or sales@eggplantandpoppy.com.au

Next time I will do a lounge room for you to see... until then, happy shooshing!

K x

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