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Decorating Your Lounge Room

Decorating Your Lounge Room

Following on from my previous blog post about the mini makeover in your house, I have now done my lounge room.....

Now my lounge room wasnt too bad to begin with - the best decision I ever made when designing this house was to put a kids play room in with a lounge, a tv & all their crap, so it saves it spewing onto my lounge room floor & me sitting on slinky the dog as he is wedged between my cushions....but I know this is a luxury & not available for some, but read on, I have a suggestion for the toys.... (apart from the bin :) )

So I will tell you here what Is from Eggplant & Poppy:

Light Knit Throw - $69.95 (perfect for the tropical dry season/winter!)
Black & White Striped Cushions - from $19.00
B&W Art Print on Side Table - $10
Damsefly Official Candle - $39.95
Large Canvas Storage Sack - $30

Again, fancy up a room for under $200.... no need to spend lots of money, just a few key items in a similar tone/theme & you're away! My suggestion is if you have something that you absolutely LOVE start with that... for me it was my large Canavas prints on the wall... they set the whole theme for my living space....
Must haves also include indoor plants of some sort & a lamp!

Print just $10
Damselfly Candle available in store in loads of different quotes! from $39.95


This canvas storage basket is perfect for not only plants but also TOYS! If you have to share your living space with small people, it is an inexpensive & fashionable way to hide them. Forget ugly plastic tubs, these are perfect!

Mr Bodhi - looking very impressed ;)

Remember all these items are available in our store, but if you aren't lucky enough to live in Cairns then holla if you want something you see!
PH: 07 4031 1748 or

Happy Decorating!!!

K x

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