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You're Not Forgotten <3

You're Not Forgotten <3

I want to recognise that Mother's Day is not all pancakes & sleep ins for everyone......
It is easy every year to get caught up in the retail hype but I sat here today thinking "what is Mother's Day?" And my mind wandered to my Mum of course.
Anyone who knows me well, knows how close my Mum & I are, as an only child & being brought up just by her, we are the closest of friends. Even at my age when shit goes down, I want my mum. My husband too of course, but nothing, NOTHING compares to your Mum.
I started thinking, how would I feel with all the advertising for Mother's Day going on, If god forbid, I didn't have my mum? Where it was shoved in my face every minute of everyday in the lead up?

I cannot imagine & do not want to imagine a world where I don't have her to call & cry to, ask advice, for her to tell me everything will be ok, bitch about my kids to, or my husband :P

My mum lives interstate, but whenever I need her - she jumps straight on a plane & gets here asap. I love that. (I'll love it even more when she one day moves here!)
Mother's Day is about celebrating your Mum. A day of love. A day of gratitude & admiration.
But what if you don't have a mum? What if you were raised by your Grandma? Or Aunty? Or Sister? Or Father? Or your mum is now an angel.... what if you have your mum, but Mother's Day comes bitter sweet because you have lost a child? Or cannot carry a child? Then it seems that the day only serves to remind you of loss?
As an avid over thinker, these are the thoughts that I have. And I want to recognise these women (and men!). And I want to recognise that Mother's Day is not all pancakes & sleep ins for everyone.
For some people it is shit. It is a constant, slap in your face reminder of something or someone that you do not have. And for that I want to say - you guys are in my heart. You honestly, truly are. You have reminded me of how lucky I am to have both children & my beautiful Mother here with me. And that I should take neither for granted.
So,  this Mother's Day I ask that you please keep those who may find the day difficult or not a celebration in your hearts & your thoughts.
You are all in mine.
K x

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