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Candy Clay Jewellery

It seems to always be a long time between, blogs doesnt it? If there were another 3-4 hours in a day that would be helpful. But alas, good things cant be rushed.

Our candy clay beaded necklaces have been very popular again in the past week with Mothers Day approaching & with the new addition of our Zen range I thought it might be a good idea for a blog on our jewellery.

So! Incase you are new around here, Emma & I (Kirsty) run a unique gift & home wares store located in the heart of Cairns CBD. We pride ourselves on having an eclectic range of jewellery, homewares, gifts & stationery – locally handmade as well as sourced items. We have had a very successful online following which lead us to throwing open the doors to our shop in September 2015. Since doing this it has allowed us to now make all our jewellery here in the studio out the back of our store.

Since opening we have hit the ground running – not just with our gorgeous range of sourced home wares but our handmade items also. We have an extensive range of jewellery that is all designed & made by us – it is forever changing & growing.

Our Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery is unique in design and with each item individually handmade, no two pieces are same. Polymer clay has gained popularity among the handmade jewellery world as of late with many different styles, designs & techniques out there. Our jewellery is handcrafted with love, we base our designs on current colour trends and a dash of inspiration of from our stunning local surrounds - the natural beauty of the reef, rain forest & beyond.


Candy Clay Beaded Necklaces & Our Bead Buffet:

Each & every bead has been hand rolled, no moulds used, making no two beads (or necklaces!) the same. You can purchase a ready made necklace we have put together or if you have a special colour combination you are thinking of you can come into the shop & visit our Candy Clay Bead Buffet. Here you can create your very own necklace in your choice of beads then thread it onto ball chain or adjustable cord.

The ball chain option is my favourite (and not because I cannot tie slip knots on the cord) because I love to pour all of my beads into a glass vase, and each day I make a new creation depending on my outfit. Once you get a decent collection, it is like having your own bead buffet at home :)


Candy Clay Studs:

Our most popular earrings, these silicone backed studs make them perfect for sensitive ears. Also being made from a plastic based clay, makes them completely water resistant, so very safe for wearing whilst swimming or showering, Classic & contemporary designs, available in an array of colours & textures, our candy clay earrings are addictive to say the least.

The best thing about our studs is that they are the most fashionable & most adaptable jewellery staple - they can be casual or dressy. They are perfect teamed with a coordinating necklace.



Snap Earrings:

These are perfect “in between” earring. Coming in various sizes, we have embellished each snap with candy clay to create a simple yet stunning pair of earrings.
Snap earrings work well with a long pendant style necklace.


Drop Earrings:

As with our candy clay beaded necklaces, each drop has been hand rolled to create a simple yet stunning pair of earrings. These are the ultimate statement earring for any outfit.
These earrings are the hero themselves. They don't need a necklace or a brooch to be matched with as they are quite a long dangle. They do look lovely when worn with a low cut or strapless top. And for you southerners, they are gorgeous with any big coat, scarf or winter attire.



A beautiful addition to your jewellery collection & a wonderful statement piece. Our pendants compose of our candy clay in a bronze setting. Varying in sizes, colours & patterns, each one is entirely unique.

The whole Woodstock, "boho" look is very in right now & pendants are perfect for nailing this look - wear a couple of pendants at a time! They also look good matched with our studs or snaps.


Candy Clay Bag/Key Chains:

A relatively new addition to our range these are Practical & Pretty! Shoosh up your keys & find them in your handbag easier! These are made from our hand rolled candy clay beads & some have acrylic & wooden beads on them also.



Zen Range:

The past couple of months has seen us add some new & exciting products to our Candy Clay Jewellery including the addition of the Zen Range - hand painted foil accented jewellery. Each product is unique in design making them a fantastic gift for someone or yourself! The stunning Metallic finish is available on the majority of our jewellery pieces. We have found this on-trend metallic accent to be very popular.


SO there is a brief over view of our handmade Candy Clay jewellery range. We have other items available as well like candy clay rings, brooches & kids earrings. Also included across all our ranges are marbled, mixed & patterened clay.... Emma & I are always designing & trialing new techniques insuring we have something new for you to experience.

We are also regularly doing custom orders too - if you need some earrings to match an outfit or even bridesmaid dresses... we can work with you. Just let us know :)

Kirsty x







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