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The Friendly Fish.... With Teeth :)

The Friendly Fish.... With Teeth :)

Well, Happy New Year to you, our loyal blog readers. I hope that you all survived Christmas, relo's, too much food, copious amounts of alcohol & the never ending wrapping paper & how-the-hell-do-we fit-all-this-crap-in-the-bin saga.....

As most people do, we all start off the year with new intentions. Fresh ideas. Resolutions.

This year is different for me, I found myself in business mode. Not making plans of being a better person, to like exercise more, learn to iron (HA!) or to drink more water - all of which would be great. But I found myself making resolutions for E&P.

Plans, BIG PLANS! Which involved me stealing  a fresh new notebook (is there nothing better!) from the shop and a brand new pen to start my rambling & my doodling. This in itself is empowering!!! (So empowering I own 4 boxes of journals dating back to 1994!)

It is funny how since merging with Emma I have started to be Kirsty again. Not just Mum, nor a wife. For the first time in a long time I feel like I have a purpose again.... I meet the most amazing people everyday & don't sit at home for days on end speaking only small people gibberish..... and as mothers we are taught to fight that instinct of putting ourselves first, and for the past 8 years I have.... but now I am loving putting my business first.... obviously to an extent. One of the main reasons for going into business for ourselves was to be able to lead a family friendly life while entering back into the work force - but this is different!I hold myself differently, I feel confident in myself & I look at myself differently too.....

This shop is my new years resolution.

Everything about it acts like a drug - I have such drive & determination for this place It is difficult for me to explain in words. The pride I feel when I come here everyday is like that of when your new born child is placed on your chest for the first time. I am serious! Well, for me it is anyway. I am so proud of what Em & I have done, for all that we have sacrificed (which don't really feel like sacrifices anyway) and how hard we have worked & are continuing to work.
I love the rewards; the goals set which are then met, the learning of something new in regards to running a business, seeing Emma get excited about book work (seriously, she is a weirdo!) and of course the feed back from you guys.

In the grand scheme of things we are small fish in a very large ocean - but my new years resolutions are all being thrown into growing in to one big ass fish! A friendly fish... but with teeth! If you get my drift :)

So, go & get yourself a journal, note book or whatever & as lame as it seems, start making those lists, those resolutions.... because really.... it isn't lame. Get your dreams onto paper & put them out into the universe - you WILL be rewarded. Just as we are, big or small, rewarded everyday.

Happy New Year & Happy Dream Planning :*

Kirsty x

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