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Gift Shop in Cairns

Our gift shop in Cairns is unlike any other–we promise!

If you’re looking for a gift shop in Cairns that stocks more than shiny, useless trinkets and items that end up in the bin after a few weeks, you’ve come to the right place. Browse online or come and visit our quirky staff in-store.

Problems a Gift Shop in Cairns by Eggplant & Poppy Addresses

These issues needn’t arise if you shop with us.

  • The inability to find gifts with a difference: Common birthday and Christmas presents include chocolates, alcoholic beverages, socks, and other stuff that many people consider boring even if they pretend to appreciate them. Our gifts are quirky, fun, and unique.
  • The challenge of searching for presents that show you care: Browse the high street stores and you’ll likely find all the same items in each one. Come to our shop and you’ll see things you won’t find elsewhere.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Our Gift Shop in Cairns

Make the most of your purchase by keeping these pointers in mind.

  • Choose a custom-made gift: If you want to show your better half or loved one that you cherish them, look at our customisable gifts–they’ll never expect something like that!

What You Stand to Lose Without Eggplant & Poppy

Nobody’s forcing you to purchase our products, but we are suggesting you at least look at them, because we guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you find. If you want to speak to our owners, who enjoy interpretative dance just as much as sourcing quirky gifts, give us a call.

Our Store

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62 Grafton Street Cairns QLD 4870


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