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November 16, 2020

Every time we get to this time of the year we are always looked after by our friends & customers making sure if we need help then they’re the first ones there... we have been asked so many times in the last few weeks about our VIP Shopping Night - it's an annual event & a MAMMOTH one at that. We look forward to it every year & enjoy the anticipation by all of our customers. In the 4 events we've had, they've surpassed the one before & gotten bigger & better (bit like our underpants.....)

We start planning this night waaaaaaay back in May/June, and with all the uncertainty in the word it was hard to plan the next week, let alone envision Christmas - our doors were closed & we were not sure if they would ever reopen.

So it wasn't until mid-october that we called it. We made the decision not to go ahead with our VIP Shopping Night this year.

For so many reasons, but most importantly everyone's health & safety is still our number one priority - and if you've been to one of our shopping nights you know how many people turn up (hello! line up all the way to black bird coffee shop one year which is two shops down just to get in!)
This goes against guidelines & we don't want to jeopardise anyone's safety by encouraging that many people in one place. 

We did toy with many different ideas - doing it over a few nights with a ticket system, doing a live stream & taking the VIP Shopping Experience online.... but all these leave so much room for error, and we decided if we can't do it properly, it's best that we just pop a pin in it until next year.

Rest assured though, we still have some things planned to keep that vibe alive, so make sure you stay tuned to socials & most importantly - sign up for our newsletter! Our Subscriber Peeps will be getting special offers & giveaways.

Frustration & the realisation of this not going ahead is real.... we wish it didn't have to be so. But this year has been a tough one to say the least, for everyone. But from a small business owners perspective, man, it's a mix of fear & appreciation all at once. Through this whole shit show, you guys have kept us going - stronger. In the lead up to closing the doors, you bought.
Once the doors closed - you still bought. Online.
Then our doors opened again & here you are. Supporting our haven more than ever before.

Gratitude is something that should be spread around all the time.
And I’m a big believer in what you put out into the world, you get back into your life.
Our shop is something that was created on a dream, mutual determination & most important friendship. 👯‍♀️
And in the 5 years it’s been open has brought so much more of that into our lives... ♥️

You are our tribe. And grateful doesn’t even begin to describe what our hearts feel.

We look forward to still having an amazing Christmas with you all, and helping you find that perfect or "disgusting, not funny & just stupid" gift. :D

Kirsty & Emma 


Our amazing team that made our 2019 VIP Shopping Night so kick ass!

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