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February 04, 2021

Well hello 2021.

No, like we’ve said before, you don’t have to be perfect – but for the love of Oprah, please just be normal!

2020 for us, like everyone, was crazy. Crazy in good & bad ways – but let’s just focus on the good yeah?
With our doors being made to shut for 6 weeks we didn’t know what would come of Eggplant & Poppy – I went home that night after closing the door & just cried…..would we reopen? Would our little business survive? What was happening with the world :)

Putting a positive pivot on things, that stupid virus shoved us in so many awesome directions & forced our focus on things we had sort of pushed aside, now it came time to adjust & focus on keeping this old girl rolling. Oh & that we did. With all of your help of course!!!

We were lucky enough to have had our website running for 6 years so weren’t scrambling to work out how to use technology of the world wide web (except for zoom, that took us a bit to get our heads around!)– we just focused on working on it a LOT more, honestly, I don’t think Emma & I have ever worked harder on our business. Like so many small business owners you live, eat, sleep & breathe your business 24 hours a day, but this was next level.

We made sure you guys weren’t alone on the socials by starting up our super professional, highly entertaining “E&P Crappy TV” (all segments are saved to a highlight reel on our Instagram page if you want to rehash that awesome time)
With Emma’s “Crappy Cooking & Crafts” (self-explanatory there), Larissa’s segment “Hey Ma” & mine being “Happy Hour with Thirsty Kirsty” we twiddled our way through each day trying to still make you laugh & still having fun. It was really hard for me to find new cocktails to bring you every day…. I became good friends with Dan Murphy.
(I also blame this on home schooling…. Teachers, you really are amazing)


We were absolutely inundated with website orders. Like, insanely busy. You amazing people rallied around & kept on supporting our business even though our shop front closed.
I was having stock delivered to my house, and my office looked like a store room, orders were being packed in store then the couriers were picking up your orders from my house every day! It was insane. And we were smiling from ear to ear every day that we heard that cha-ching cash register noise on our phone – this is a thing you know!!!
They say when you buy from a small business a person does a happy dance – well we truly do every time an order comes through, even our kids go “yesssss go mum!” it’s so exciting.

When the time come for us to safely open our doors, you kept on embracing us. And you haven’t stopped. So, thank you.

Christmas was mental busy in store & online & the 3 of us went slightly delirious, but in a good way, and the morning coffee with a dash of rum or Kahlua helped kick start every day too :)


So since then, you would have seen that we decided to give eggplant & poppy a birthday present of a makeover when we closed for 2 weeks after Christmas. With a fresh logo & shop front facelift, she looks brand new; we love it.


It wasn’t that we didn’t love our previous logo & branding, but we’ve come a long way in 7 years (yep, 7 bloody years!) and we instinctively felt it was time. With the help of our amazing graphic designer, who was SOOOOO PATIENT in dealing with the both of us, here we are:


We are slowly getting back into the groove of things again, more so now the kids are back at school. Our website is next to get a makeover in the coming weeks, but we will keep you updated on that.

So make sure you keep active on our socials (every like, share comment does count & is so appreciated) and if you haven’t already, please sign up to our newsletter!

Happy Everything to you guys, all the time – thank you for your love, support & friendship.

We’re off to plan some new segments for social media…. I just have to double check our insurance.


Big Love,

Kirsty x



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