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June 14, 2021

We are Keen On Being Green

We will go against kermit the frog's beliefs that “it ain't easy being green” - because we think it is!
If you’ve purchased quirky gifts or fun earringsfrom us online you might often find your order packed within a random box as we can’t bring ourselves to throw out - it could be a box some of our stock has come in, office supplies or even some of our own online shopping! We never say ‘no’ to a good quality box without reusing it at least twice. 
Our latest obsession is with hex wrap and its awesome enviro -properties…….


What the heck is Hex Wrap you ask?

Well, it is the ultimate, planet hugging alternative to bubble wrap! We use it to package up your delicate orders for shipping. It comes in a huge roll & looks like brown paper, but then when you cut a bit, pull it apart the goodness happens…. 
Now this is better than popping bubble wrap, trust us
(yes, I know, we are kids at heart!).

The expandable honeycombs interlock seamlessly like JLO & Ben Affleck…. Oh, so good.

This amazing OCD goodness is not only compostable but recyclable too!

Now once your order has been hex wrapped & boxed in one of our upcycled boxes, wherever possible we then pop it all into a compostable satchel from our couriers.
And that is just one way that we try & say thank you to Mother Nature :)
Gifts for men, gifts for girls, gifts for everybody – order online atEggplant & Poppy and check out the packaging for yourself….

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