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April 28, 2021

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Make it a memorable day for the RIGHT reasons


Ahhh We see it every year; the husband, the partner, the siblings racing into the shop at the 11th hour to grab “just anything Mum would like” because it’s been left until the last minute. When did that second Sunday of May whip around so fast?? Hmmm Sound familiar?


It’s not that hard - us mums are not complicated creatures. We know how busy life can get and we do not expect the crown jewels as a token of your appreciation just because we carried you around in our belly for 9 months (but please note, this was a slight inconvenience)


What to buy as a Mother’s Day Gift 

 The easiest way to buy a gift for Mother’s Day this year is to break it down to the basics & follow a couple of simple Do’s & Don’ts

  • DO buy your mum something she will actually like & use.
  • DON’T just buy a token half arse gift to stay in the Will - this will do more harm than good.
  • DO think about what she really likes.
  • DON’T ever buy her a cleaning or kitchen appliance (unless its specifically requested - even then you are going to want to add a sweetener to the deal.) 



Which ‘Mum Type’ are you buying for? 

And as for the basics, when it comes to buying a Mother’s Day gift, does your mum like the pamper or practical side of things?

Your PAMPER mum is going to love body products, fragrances, crystals candles & all things that help to rest & relax.

The PRACTICAL Mum will love the everyday things that help make her life easier & brighter. Beach towels, drinking vessels (wine & coffee cups are always a winner) books and stunning home decor Is sure to bring a smile to her dial.


The Perfect Gift Idea  

This year we also have an offer limited Mother’s Day Gift Boxes - this makes fit buying waaaaaay less stressful! Each box is filled with all the things Mums love & deserve – Mother’s Day hampers beautifully boxed & can be sent directly to her (now doesn’t that sound easy?

You can see all these Mother’s Day Gift Hampers here on our website under the “Thanks Mum” banner on our homepage.



We literally have HUNDREDS of beautiful products and Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make Mum’s day - and you don’t need to sell a kidney on eBay to afford it.

We have gifts for all budgets & have popped them all together in one handy place



And if it all gets too hard, don’t forget Gift Vouchers - these are available for both in store & online are so much fun. That way mum can get EXACTLY the Mother’s Day gift what she wants.





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