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The Moment We Were Speechless.... has never happened before.

The Moment We Were Speechless.... has never happened before.

Picture this.

Friday Morning at the shop. Usually consists of Emma & I going 100km an hour with our usual dribble....oh the dog shat in the house last night, OMG did you watch that episode of Outlander, what are we going to eat for lunch today? Are we getting cannolli?

Then. We checked email - BAM!

Congratulations You have been nominated for the AusMumpreneur Awards

Holy crap! We just sat there. Saying nothing. Looking at each other. Then we cried & hugged.
And DEFINITELY got cannolli that day.

This is no small matter, these awards have a huge reputation for being prestigious & kinda a big deal.... how can WE be nominated?!?!

"The AusMumpreneur Awards recognise the best and brightest in the Australian mumpreneur industry, acknowledging success in business, product development & innovation and customer service at a glamorous awards event held in Sydney. Previous AusMumpreneur of the year winners & finalists have been featured in national media including Sunrise, The Today Show, Today Tonight, Cosmopolitan, and the Herald Sun and The Australian since winning this award."

OMG TV?!?! What would we wear? Hair up or down? Bra or nahhhh?

Owning & running a business is hard, challenging & pose lots of difficulties with juggling life in general - then you throw in Motherhood which is all those things plus more & you got serious super mummas doing seriously super things! All while running on a LOT of caffeinated beverages!

Peace Mitchell & Katy Garner are the brains behind the ausmumpreneur phenomenon & are all about supporting & encouraging women to be the best versions of themselves,building them up, helping them fulfill dreams & smash goals. Even taking the time to like & comment on just about every single photo they are tagged in - when you're on that scale of social media it is pretty much non existent to have a photo recognised, but these ladies do. Every time.

The Moment We Were Speechless

The Moment We Were Speechless

We have been annoying the crapola out of you all with our reminder posts to vote, reminders in store with flyers & pretty pleases - and now we are down to the last hours of round one voting! We need you more than ever - if you haven't voted - please do!

We work so hard at our customer service - we try so hard to remember names, remember if you had a bad day last we spoke, if your cat is ok, if your daughter nailed her dance comp, to ask how you enjoyed your holiday to Japan & so on. Our shop is our lounge room & we want people to feel at ease when they come in - not like they're being pounced on for sales. We pride ourselves on this. Well this plus our singing & dance skills...but that's another blog post.

There are also so many other amazing businesses up for these awards, and even if nothing comes out of it for us, we are so honored & humbled to have been a part of this experience. It has been so much fun & we love that we are now considered part of the ausmumprenuer family.

Voting closes Monday (tomorrow 17th July) night & we find out in a week (Monday 24th July) if we have been successful in our two categories.

Regional Business Award
This award recognises rural, remote & regional businesses that have achieved outstanding results in all aspects of business, including marketing, profitability, influence, presentation and customer service

Customer Service Award
Excellence in customer service as determined by people’s choice voting

If so - we enter into second round voting - which means we will be bugging you for votes again haha.

So! Until then, we leave you with this; do not ever let anyone tell you that something you want to do wont work. Don't let anyone elses opinion influence your gut instinct. Because you CAN do whatever you want - be successful at it & most importantly have so much fun doing it!

Thank you all for your love & support.

K x

The Moment We Were Speechless


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