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Kermit was wrong! Being Green IS easy!!!

Kermit was wrong! Being Green IS easy!!!

We live in a society today where we are all much more aware of our footprint on our beautiful planet - and also a lot more conscious of what we buy, use, eat & consume.

Living "Green" is more common now than not & the more changes we make the healthier our world will become, in more ways than one. Making simple changes around the home not only affect you but generations after, it also sets a great example for our kids to be kinder & more aware of what they use & put into our earth. We try harder & harder at home & in the shop to make these changes too.... and how good is the ABC's tv show "The War On Waste"????
OMG You'll never drink out of a disposable coffee cup again!

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

We've all heard it before yes? Well we are here to help you achieve these things! It doesnt have to be over whelming - small steps lead to large things!!!

Wrappa - Reusable Food Wraps (formally Wrappa Bees) are one of our best & fastest sellers in store (and are now online!). These reusable Food Wraps are a fun and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap!

Handcrafted  using 100% cotton, either local filtered bees wax or plant based wax (VEGAN friendly), tree resin and jojoba oil.

Wrap your fruit and veggies in the fridge. Cover your block of cheese. Wrap up the kid’s sandwiches. Cover your salad bowls. Use to stop your cutting board from slipping on the bench. Roll pastry or dough on top of them. Make fun little snack bags with the kids!

You will NEVER use cling wrap again! Trust me!!! My girls use them for school & my husband no longer fights with the roll of cling wrap to wrap a tiny piece of cheese....honestly.

Kermit was wrong!


Another HUGE way to help our environment is to STOP using disposable coffee cups!!! Did you know Australia's yearly usage of disposable coffee cups ALONE could circumference the WORLD 2.5 times?!?! A YEAR PEOPLE!!! Seriously! It's not good for old Mumma Nature.

Grab yourself an Eco Mug!

This one change alone can do astronomical things for the world! Our Sparkle Cups are also super popular!!!

Kermit was wrong!

Kermit was wrong!

You can also grab some of our Upcycled Tile Coasters, or Custom Made Name Blocks that are made from off-cuts of Kwila. The KE Tea Towels that we stock too are also on the green train! Being designed, made & manufactured all in the one place - including their packaging!

And how about our Handmade Vintage Book Clocks?
Don't throw away those old books from your childhood - we re-purpose them into gorgeous statement pieces!

Eggplant & Poppy also try to be green as possible with as much as we can! We use old sewing patterns for our wrapping paper & our brown shopping bags are made from recycled paper. We are trying more & more to limit using bags & lots of our customers decline one anyway, prefering to use their own bag which is awesome!

Make one small change (or do them all at once!) and give our planet some love.


I'm Kirsty & I'm green.... not physically. But you know.
Anyway, until my next ramblings :)

K x

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