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It's only 57 days until Christmas........ Start to freak..... NOW!


I received a text message from my best friend of 32 years last night asking for ideas of what to buy my girls for Christmas.


I text back my stock standard emoji of the laughing/crying face. And said, yeah, yeah good joke..... but she was in all seriousness. She has COMPLETED HER CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!! And only had to buy for my girls........ *insert crying face*

Now, a little part of me (read my previous post on my battle with anxiety) died reading that & it has sent me into a complete state of panic. I already freaked out yesterday realising that the Christmas Craft fair is on in 2 weeks & we have done ZERO prep for because we have been so busy in the shop. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Plus we need a Nanny.

I even asked my husband last night if it would be ok if I hired a personal shopper.... because i literally have NO time for myself at the moment, let alone stinking Christmas shopping..... he goes back to work shortly & is back just before Christmas. "Just leave it until I get back....." he casually exclaims. Clearly has not stepped foot in a shopping centre in December like, EVER!!!!

This year is going to be even more hectic now with Em & I having the shop - not only do we have to think about prepping the most perfect Christmas presents for our family with all the food shopping & cooking arranged... but we have a shop to prep too!

We have started this & are now in the limbo stage of going "when is too early to put out our Christmas stock?!?!" Now I have a shop I can kind of understand why the bigger shops get this done earlier.... ok, so September is too early, but I do understand. So we are thinking that in the next few weeks you shall start to see a Festive E&P.... we have some amazing decorations so make sure you keep an eye out!

When do you put up a tree? When do you start shopping? I am off to make a coffee now & start making a list of who I have to buy for...... oh shit.

K x

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