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Cushions - the red lipstick of decorating.

Regardless of whether you own your home or are renting, soft furnishings, cushions in particular, are a quick, inexpensive way to update the look of any room. It is said they are the “red lipstick of the decorating world”.

Now if you are anything like me, (much to my husband’s disgust) I have a tonne of cushions & cushion covers. Piles of them on my lounge, chairs, outdoor spaces, my bed, spare bed, girls’ bed…cushions, cushions, cushions!

I have cushions that match certain throw rugs, cushions to match certain doona covers & even “masculine” type cushions for when my father or any other male visitor stays.

So where to start?

Well, wherever you like! Each room in your home should house an item that you LOVE (painting/art, vase, chair etc) – so take inspo from that. Colours, textures, tones…. And don’t be afraid to mix these things, especially texture. Same goes with shape, too many of the same sized cushion can sometimes feel very “formal”, so mix it up!

If you have a very neutral palette in your room, choose 2 or 3 bold colours & go with that – for example, black, yellow & grey is very in at the moment & these colours look amazing in a white space.

Or if you wanted to stick with the neutral tones, add some metallic for maximum luxe….silver, gold, copper… it all adds that sense of class.


Now, how about beds you ask? Well the same rules apply…

Sometimes the best decorating is the easiest. When it comes to dressing your bed with cushions don’t overthink it.

Bed cushions with beautiful colour, texture & fabric make their own statement. Odd numbers are lucky in cushion decorating. They are just a little more eye-catching, especially in arrangements of accessories including decorative pillows for the bed. Three is the magic number!

When arranging bed pillows, the rule of thumb is to start big at the back and work your way forward with smaller pillows & cushions.


So, in summary, here are my tips on frustrating your husband/partner & decorating with cushions….

  • Take inspiration from an item in the room that you love! (Art, vase, chair)
  • Mix Colours, Mix Tones, Mix Textures, Mix Shapes
  • If your room has a neutral base – choose 3 Bold Colours
  • For the uber luxe feel to your neutral room – choose metallic!
  • Don’t overthink it!
  • Odd Numbers are lucky – when it comes to bed cushions, 3 is the number!
  • Start from Biggest & work your way forward with smaller cushions.

Don't forget to finish of your newly decorated space with a throw rug carefully placed on the couch or folded at the foot of the bed. This will tie all the textures & tones together perfectly!

Happy Decorating!

Kirsty x


*Note - none of these images belong to E&P - they were found via google images & pinterest.


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