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Stalkers - Pt 1

Stalkers - Pt 1

We all know everyone loves to have a stalky stalk on facebook, Instagram, twitter or even the old fashioned way… through hiding in the bush & watching someone through their lounge room window…

But we thought to save you the trouble, your internet usage & also getting arrested we would include all the information about us, should you need to fill in your Saturday night…..

I am Kirsty. The "Poppy" part of Eggplant & Poppy.

I am 21 plus GST…. Ok, 28. Oh ok, 33.

I am an only child, born in RAdelaide, I lived there being raised on Fritz, Farmers Union Iced Coffee & Balfours Frog cakes until I met my husband Josh way back in 2001. After going to pick up an intoxicated friend from a pub who was trying to meet Australian Navy Sailors, I somehow ended up with one calling me the next day after obtaining my phone number from my very own Mother. Thanks Mum!

After a long distance courting period, I packed up my soft top Suzuki & headed to Darwin where Josh was posted in the Navy. We lived there then posted to Cairns, then Perth, then Darwin again, then Cairns again, then Tasmania & then decided to settle in Cairns….. FINALLY!

We had a beach wedding in 2004, had our first daughter Poppy in 2008 who was then followed by another pinkie, Harper, in 2011.

Josh left the navy after 16 years in 2011 & we headed to Tasmania for him to complete a University course in Marine Engineering *coughnerdcough*. It was one of the best / hardest years of my life….Tassie was just beautiful, cold, but beautiful! Now back in Cairns, Josh works on swing of 5 weeks away/ 5 weeks home. It has its moments, but wine/cider/rum & binge watching tv series helps & the 5 weeks home allows him to spend quality time with the girls (read: school drop offs so I can sleep in)

I started a small business during the 12 months in Tasmania called “Vintage Poppy”. My background workwise BC (Before Children) was in Make Up, Massage & Beauty Therapy as well as some Graphic Design & Flight Attending. Jill of trades really, but I had wanted to start my own little venture for a while & saw my time in Tassie the perfect opportunity as I was stuck home with the girls all day because it was freezing cold & Josh was at Uni. I have a long love of vintage, retro & shabby chic furniture & home wares. So saw this as a great chance to do something I love & to keep me busy. Plus the markets in Tasmania are TO DIE FOR! So I was able to obtain lots of gorgeous stuff.

I never in a million years thought it would take off & be as successful as it was. My little facebook sales would sell out in an hour & I found myself processing orders every day. When we moved back to Cairns I picked up where I left off & continued to get busier & busier….. Then I met Emma.

You know how when you meet someone & in the first few moments you think “I like you already…” Yeah. That.

She then stalked me on facebook with a friend request & we had a play date with the kids… which turned into me helping her with market prep for her business. Then I think we had alcoholic beverages one day & decided to merge. So here we are.

SO! On top of being a single mum for 6 months of the year here in Cairns with no family, I thought it would be a great time to start a new business as well as build our first home. Which should hopefully be ready before 2027. It has been stressful, but I have enjoyed the design process & am looking forward to decorating it when we move in in the next couple of months.

As you can imagine, my life is a tad cray cray… but that is ok. It’s perfectly cray cray & I am learning to control my rocking in the corner, OCD & panic googling.

Now you have my life story in "brief" haha - Get ready for Emma's...... :)

K x

Our Beach Wedding - 2004

My Husband Josh & I

Josh, Myself, Poppy & Harper

My First Sales Night on Vintage Poppy

Front Yard Of Our House In Launceston. Tamar River





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