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What do you love most about your BFF?

What do you love most about your BFF?


Valentine's Day sometimes gets a bad rap for being an over commercialised hallmark, amercanised holiday. But in all honesty.... what bad can come from promoting love? Absolutely NOTHING!

And do you know what, Valentines Day does not need to be about a romantic relationship, I think so many people have a bad taste about V Day because it's so romance focused, leaving all the single ladies scorning at the plethora of roses & love heart paraphernalia around the joint.


I think is the most perfect occasion to celebrate ANY kind of love but i want to talk about the love of "Galentines Day" - you know, showing your Gal Pals that you love them. Obviously if you are a good friend you should be doing this anyway but show your BFF some love this February 14th - make it big, make it small, a card or even a love note! I even pop a love note on my Daughters bedside tables every Valentines Day! 

So what do you buy your BFF for Valentines Day?
Well, if you're not aware we do make all our own hilarious cards, including ones for people who aren't partial to lovers day, so you could come in & grab one of those & fill it with all the reasons why you love them, or even pop in a gift voucher so she can come in & treat her self!

Other great BFF gift is our Ear Candy Subscription Box: buy for 3 or 6 months & we will deliver a box of earrings to her door it works out that for over $95 worth of earrings per month, you only pay $49 including shipping! YES PLEASE!!!

OR why not get her a pair of socks with a kick ass saying on them? Bath Salts, or no bath? No problem - we have shower steamers!!! Beautiful little scent bombs that you throw on your shower floor - genius!
You could also go with a self love book or any one of our huge book range.

The opportunities are endless & we are always here to help!

Plus we gift wrap!!! Omg do we gift wrap!

And did i mention AFTERPAY?!?!? Yes guuurrllll.....

SO - to entice you to spoil your BFF, we going to reward you!

Use the code: GALENTINE

on our website when you place an order & we will throw in a matching pair of earrings for you & your Bestie <3

What do you love most about your BFF? Go on & treat her because you know what? She wont treat herself.

No matter your situation, have a Happy Love Day - mwah!



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