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Are you more stressed about earrings than Kim Kardashian?

Are you more stressed about earrings than Kim Kardashian?

You know those times when you have an event & the perfect outfit planned, you have a shower, start to get ready but look at your outfit like WTF is missing?
And you realise its earrings!!!
Yet your earring collection holds nothing to get you excited nor help finish off that perfect outfit? Does this stress you out more than when Kim Kardashian lost her diamond earring in the ocean (oh how I still laugh.....)


Yep. Me too.


Earrings have come roaring back onto the fashion scene in a big way in the past 12 months & we are not sad about it. We've always handmade our jewelry ranges here at Eggplant & Poppy, but the trends were happening so fast & furious we couldn’t keep up. SO we started sourcing some really cool components to put together some even more COOL AF earrings for you…. Now here we are 5 years later & we have gone from a teeny earring rack that held 20 pairs of earrings, to now our MAGICAL EARRING WALL of 1,000’s of pairs of any earring you could think of – including things like goldfish in a bag!


We have a super loyal fan base & even more loyal earring addicts that shop at E&P & know that when they’re looking for that perfect pair – we are bound to have them. Shape, size, colour, style – we will be able to help you.



Enter the Ear Candy Subscription Box!

This idea came to us after we were discussing our Magic Earring Wall one day over a few drinks (you know the back story, all our great ideas come from us doing this!) & said how cool it would be to take the hassle out of never having the right pair of earrings at home & having to then drive allllll the way into town or order online & wait for delivery.. what if we could pick for you?
What if we could send you 6 different pairs of earrings every month for nearly HALF THE PRICE?!?!?! Crazy? Yep, we are.


The Subscription Boxes are limited in numbers & come in the following:

 - 3 months for $147 (valued at over $285)

-  6 months for $294 (valued at over $570)


For $49 per month you are scoring yourself over $90 worth of merch & even better this includes postage

Every month we will personally choose 6 pairs of earrings from our magical earring wall & deliver them to your front door – packaged, wrapped & ready to wear.
It’s like a dream come true!

Your box will include a wide variety of earrings each month ranging from our handmade studs, drops, snaps as well as dangles & statement earrings.

Each month in your box you will also score a little extra gift from us as a bonus.

It is a perfect opportunity for you earring addicts to add to your ever growing collection, but also a great way to grab gifts for your besties.



Solve All Your Earring Woes


SO how good does that sound?!?!? I know right? We’ve just solved all your outfit problems, & perhaps even gift buying problem too – because this makes a really cool gift!

Jump online to our website now & check out the subscriptions, you won’t be sorry!


Look at you go!
You made it all the way to the
bottom of the blog post! 

Code: KIMK

I know it took a bit of reading to get here, but you'll be glad you did!

Because we are going to reward you! Welcome to our BLOG BOMB!!!!

Jump online now & order your 3 or 6 month subscription box & enter the code: KIMK to get

$20 OFF your Subscription!

This is only advertised here & Only for those spesh people who read our shit, er, i mean stuff..... because we love you!





* this is only for a limited time, because you know, we’re not Oprah & can’t give out cars to everyone ~ and if we did we wouldn’t be eating this week.... so we suggest taking advantage of our kindness & emotional PMT now, go & buy an earring subscription box & jag yourself $20 off!



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