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The Perfect Housewarming Present

The Perfect Housewarming Present

So, the housewarming party is nigh, and you're stuck for inspo, beyond a bottle of wine…. 

We have complied our top selling, thoughtful housewarming gift products that help to make a house a home.   

Need Housewarming Gift Ideas? 

Moving into a new home can be one of the most exciting experiences! Nesting and making it all your own is always exciting. And gifting the perfect present to the new inhabitants is great way to welcome a new space. 

So, the housewarming party is nigh, and you're stuck for inspo, beyond a bottle of wine…. 

We have complied our top selling, thoughtful housewarming gift products that help to make a house a home.   

Cleansing the Space 

Regardless of being a new home, or you are just moving in a new space, The Purification Kits from LoobyLou will ensure you ward off any negative energy and bring on all the good vibes! Read more here about how to smudge your new space. 


Adding a giggle to the Kitchen 

The range of ovens & tea towels from Blue Q make the BEST housewarming gift. There is something for everyone and being 100% cotton, they wash and wear a dream. So much time is spent in the kitchen – you might as well make it fun! 



Yes, we know they can be a bit cliché BUT nothing beats lighting a new candle in your own new space. If you are buying this as a gift, each time the candle is lit, the person who gave the candle is always thought of. 

But which one to go with? All our candles smell divine, so let us break it down. 

Looking for a nice quote? The Commonfolk Collective always has to say the right thing, there is a quote for every occasion  

Maybe something cheekier will please the new residents? Check out the Prospect Project  for the naughty quote candles 

Take a moment to enjoy the time that is now with one of the beautiful ritual candles from Looby Lou. This range also includes bath salts and body cleansers. High addictive fragrances! 

Or maybe a touch of the local will make it feel like a home? The 26 Candle Co have an amazing array of local aromas and scented candles! 



Kip & Co quality – a housewarming gift for life  

Choose anything form the Kip & Co range of homewares and you know you will have it for life! Quality fabrics, timeless designs and classic style, everyone wants a bit of Kip & Co in their home. Click here to visit our current range of Kip & Co 


The quirkier – the better! 

Say hello to Jones & Co, this bright & happy ceramics company specialise in the unique and colourful. We stock a wide range of vases, wall hangings, coffee cups plus so much more. Useful & colourful, click here to see more of Jones & Co. 


We have so much more to show you when it comes to adding those finishing touches to a new home or space. 

Our stunning range of bed linen, funky cushions and tableware is just the beginning. Browse our website for more housewarming gift ideas and remember we offer complimentary gift wrapping on all purchases! 


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