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March 25, 2020



Now this is going to be an interesting "challenge".. 

In light of recent events in the past 24 hours, we have decided for our safety, the safety of others and just because this situation couldn't possibly mess with your brain anymore, as of 4 pm today the shop doors of Eggplant & Poppy will close....but only for now!!!!!

Although we have 362 mixed feelings about this, we are choosing to go with the "Bring this isolation thing on...let's see what 100% online E&P can do" mindset. And you awesomely loyal customers get to come along for the ride from the the safety of your own screen.  

We have been brain storming a thousand and one ideas on how we are going to keep E&P comin' atcha! From sales & logistics, to keeping in touch, the front door might be closed but not our love & drive that makes for Eggplant & Poppy and everyone associated with it our vital life line.   

So from this moment forth, please head to our website, stay on our socials and bare with us as we navigate through this together!
(I totally wrote that doing a pom pom cheer at the same time)

We have updated all our postage options to a Flat Rate of $10 & they will ALL be posted Express Shipping. 
FREE Postage still applies for orders over $99!

Things that I learned Photo editing at 4.58 am

  • Kirsty has a LOT of hair to cut around
  • Larissa may or may not be that tanned?
  • I have a neck like an Emu, it's way too long. 
  • I don't think we will be making any money from my graphic designing skills in the near future
  • Our abs are VERY similar to what is pictured, almost identical in fact.

Love you guys so much!!! Thanks for your ongoing support - dont be a stranger.

Emma + Kirsty x

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