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Continuing The Small Business Fight

Continuing The Small Business Fight

What week are we in now? 4? 5?

This COVID-19 lock down sure has gone fast – and I haven’t even got to cleaning out the linen cupboard – BUT! I have defrosted the freezer & watched 52,859 episodes of crap tv on Netflix :)

What week are we in now? 4? 5?

This lock down sure has gone fast – and I haven’t even got to cleaning out the linen cupboard – BUT! I have defrosted the freezer & watched 52,859 episodes of crap tv on Netflix :)

Everyone’s world was turned upside down when we were put on this lock down, people had to stop work, kids stopped going to school & businesses closed.
We are very fortunate that we already had quite a good online presence & an already up & running website – there was no need for scrambling & trying to work things out. Our website has been running for close to 6 years & it's still teaching me things daily.

That’s what I think is a good thing to come out of this – people having the TIME to do things, take online courses, paint, read those books that have been piling up on the bedside table. How amazing that we have all learnt how to adapt to this way of life – my girls are continuing their schooling online, their piano, violin & clarinet classes online as well as their drama class! How fantastic!

My kids at their online Zoom Drama Class

But there are businesses out there that have not had any adaption options & have had to unfortunately close, be it for now, or permanently. This absolutely breaks my heart.
There are so many fantastic businesses in our country & especially in our city of Cairns, seeing these guys shut is hard.

One of those businesses is my Girls Sewing Class – obviously not able to continue her amazing Saturday Classes, Maggie had no option but to close the doors to her “Sew Fun For Kids” studio. Poppy is 11 & Harper is 9 & received these classes as a Christmas Gift from their grandmother -  every Saturday the girls would be so excited to head into Maggies to their sewing class with one or two other students. Maggie is one of those women who as soon as she speaks you just like her – she is warm & nurturing & PATIENT! Omg is she patient! 4 kids each on sewing machines??!? Haha… she deserves a medal!

My girls have made skirts, bags, shorts, cushions & more – and most importantly have the great life skill of sewing (that they do not get from their mother :) )

But obviously with her business closed for now, that means no income, so Maggie started making face masks for my step mum who is currently working in Pathology & being exposed to potential COVID-19 patients on the daily. All the staff are now wearing her creations!

When we saw the quality of her masks we were impressed – cute cotton, expandable (which means they can fit kids or adults!) and a pliable wire section that moulds beautifully around your nose.

So, we jumped on board to try & help her business, popping them on our website – you can support Maggie & buy her masks


I so want to see her Sewing Studio open up again!

 (Poppy Wearing Her Mask From Maggie)

Obviously, these will not STOP the spread, but they can assist in the transmission of droplets which can’t hurt right?

We also have another Australian brand of masks HERE to check out. And if you
buy 1 of these & you can get 50% off the second one 


It’s always heart-warming to help support someone else in any way you can – what have you done to help someone lately? Be It personally or a business?


I personally, have been doing A LOT of online shopping – supporting as many small businesses as I can including local restaurants that are offering take away or delivery.

I’ve also been doing my yoga class each morning via youtube, working on our website for hours every day, gardening A LOT & honing in on my cocktail making skills with Eggplant & Poppy’s #eandpcrappytv segment “Happy Hour With Thirsty Kirsty”…..

(Emma obviously hasnt been using isolation to scrub up on her spelling skills) 


Emma has been handmaking up a storm – you will see her incredible creations HERE – we need to keep her locked up more often… being creative is one thing that Emma will not get up & leave half way though HAHA – it’s her passion, cathartic for her & something she is INCREDIBLE at!
She has also been delighting us with her culinary goodness on her segment “Crappy Crafts & Cooking with Emma” – I even got a delivery of blue scones last week. Yay for blue poo. The kids thought it was hilarious.


You can buy these HERE


Larissa has been going insane in her already immaculately organised house & life…. So, has been busy popping into the shop every day to pack & send your website orders & keep “fluffing” the shelves & changing window displays. 
She’s also been learning some more technology & social media skills with her segment “Hey Ma…” where she answers all the questions that you would ask your mum.

She's also been making up Hug Hampers & Mother's Day Hampers like a champion! Check them out HERE


Safe to say the 3 of us are missing the shop immensely, however I am enjoying living in daytime & night-time pjs & not wearing a bra (sorry to the courier who comes to my house every day!)


Rest assured, we will be back to “normal” soon – I use that term loosely, because have you met us?!?!?

In the meantime, keep supporting small & local businesses where you can, you have no idea unless you own one yourself, how gigantic your sales are to us - we love & appreciate you.


Stay safe & we will see you soon,


The E&P Girls x


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