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Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Don’t run..don’t hide...Embrace it!!!

No matter how you look at it (or try and hide your eyes), Christmas in nearing and the silly season will soon be upon us.

It’s supposed to be a time of happiness and joy, catching up with friends and family, helping to create the magic for the little ones and reflecting on the year that was.

All too often than not, we all get carried along in the hype of scheduling social gatherings, end of school activities, car park ram raiding and the frenzy of Christmas shopping.

Like they say, Christmas only comes once a year (hopefully for many years to come!) so why are we not chillaxing and soaking in this time of the year when eating, drinking and being merry is what it is all about?

Kirsty & I were talking the other day (gee that’s a change) about how both of us, no matter how hard we try, always manage to some how get caught in the chaos and stress that becomes Christmas. So we have put our heads together (its not a pretty sight—a bit like a woolly sheep and stressed out raccoon), and compiled some ideas which we are going to TRY and embrace to make the last weeks of the year, dare we say...enjoyable...and fun….and even embrace the magic that is, and should be Christmas!!



  • Have a good look at the calendar and work out what days & weekends you have free (and want to keep free) between now & Christmas. Nothing is worse than double booking and choosing between a Santa appearance and a good work shin dig on the same day


  • Break out the Christmas wardrobe. This is the time to fully accessorize with baubles, dodgy Christmas T-Shirts, reindeer ears and a Santa belly (actually had that bit all year…). If you can’t have fun at Christmas then when??




  • And don’t forget the house! Time to pimp up as many Christmas decorations as possible. This is actually a win-win situation. A) You are being all holly & jolly and helping to spread the good vibes, and B) while those decorations are up, cleaning, dusting & tidying the house is really just a waste of time. I am putting my decorations up now...... That’s basically 2 months off domestic duties. Score!!!



  • Shop locally! We know you have heard it all before, but really, this makes a HUGE difference not to just to the place of purchase but to all of Cairns. The ripple effect is HUGE, you will not only be helping a business and an entire community.


  • Embrace the noise that is Christmas Carols. Be it in the shops, on the the streets, get in the mood. It’s the only time of the year that shit singing can be excused, if not embraced! Mariah Carey’s 1994 Christmas Album is pure gold and all the help you need. No really..this is the BEST Christmas album ever (sorry Michael Buble you just get to serious and make me feel like eating..not drinking & dancing


  • Don’t buy crap presents in a hurry. How many times have you bought a lemon scented White Swan Soap on a Rope just because it was easy & something to wrap up (ok..there was once...sorry Kirsty...I thought you would really like it). Not only is it a TOTAL waste of money, you can bet your bottom dollar (that you just spent on a remote controlled ninja cat) that you gift will be land fill within the week





  • Sniff a Christmas tree however we do recommend doing this in the privacy of you own home. Me personally—it’s all about the fake plastic smell that has been the same since 1981. Takes me straight back, and I won’t elaborate on what the smell of tinsel does to me…..lordy!!!



  • Christmas cooking is the bomb. I'm saying this because I can’t cook anything Christmas let alone at all and I really think everyone else should...and bring it into the shop and share..with me...because as per above, I am working on my Santa stomach.


  • But most important, at this time of the year, and I love this saying “Always be a little kinder than necessary” . If there is ever a time of the year that you need to think of others, perform a RAK or pay it forward, there is no time like now. Everyone gets so stressed out & cranky this time of year  be the exception & spread some love & happiness :)


Good luck!!

Emma xx




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