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You Suck At Cooking

We think this book was written for Emma from Eggplant + Poppy....

From the mysterious voice behind the wildly popular, slapstick YouTube channel comes a 60-recipe cookbook for people who can't cook, love to laugh, or both. In the signature tutorial-style of the videos, You Suck at Cooking delivers illustrated how-to's for kitchen basics, tips and tricks, fabulous sandwiches, and even funky diet trends. It's as useful as it is hilarious.

Cooking is not all straight faces and Fancy Cooking School techniques--especially not on the wildly popular YouTube cooking channel You Suck at Cooking (1.3 million YouTube subscribers). Home cooks are drawn to recipes that are easy to follow and use unintimidating ingredients, but taste like a million bucks. If that sounds too good to be true, think again. You Suck at Cooking does all that and adds a hearty pinch of comedy to boot. The tutorial style of the uber popular videos translate remarkably well onto these quirky, illustrated pages that outline the basics of cooking. You Suck at Cooking delivers voicey essays like "You Shouldn't Eat Octopus Because They're Smarter Than You" as well as fun lessons for every meal from breakfast to dessert and everything in between. So whether you're making simple dishes like an Open-Faced Cucumber Sub, Sweet Potato Chips, or Zucchini Butter Noodles, or conquering stunners like Maple Baked Salmon, or Spicy Peanut Butter Soup, you'll get a personalized degree in not sucking.

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