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Time Capsule

Remember that special day? Time Capsule can help you do just that...Now you can make an important day - wedding, anniversary, birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower - even more memorable and add to the fun with the Time Capsule kit.

The box contains ten glass capsules with cork lids and thirty notes to fill out (twenty with prompts about what to write, ten to customize; make predictions, set goals) and place in the vials. Ask your guests to help you fill out the notes, then insert them in the vials. Ten stickers that you affix to the vials can be filled in with the date on which each vial is to be opened, or with the order in which the vials should be opened if you're opening them all at the same time.

Once the vials are placed in the box, the box can be sealed with a large sticker that can be labeled with a To Be Opened On date...The Time Capsule box is compact and easy to store until the time comes when you decide to open it.

Invite the same friends and family who filled the notes out one, two five or ten years before and create another memorable day.

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