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The Bogan Bible

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Bogans - those most authentic, outrageous and fun-loving Aussie - are everywhere. Truth is, they have been walking the earth since the days of The Sphinx (check the mullet) and Christianity (long-hair and thongs - who is JC kidding?) before exploding down under in the form of maverick, passionate and free-thinking folk aka Bogans.

But what is a Bogan? Paul Fenech gives us the history and hallmarks of the Bogan in one hilarious volume, charting the Bogan's rise and rise, saluting its most famous Bogans, touring Bogan heartlands, celebrating Bogan inventions (the ride-on esky) and Bogan cuisine (the Chiko roll) and Bogan fashion (Ugg boots, blue singlets) and paying homage to its icons (the mullet, the thong, the burn-out, the barbecue).

This ultimate guide to the ultimate breed of Aussie larrikin is a hilarious joyride (in a stolen Holden) from the maverick creator of Housos and Fat Pizza and brings all Australians up to snuff on the history, habits, territories and mysteries of the Bogan.

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