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Sky Gazer Towel - The Bondi
Sky Gazer Towel - The Bondi
Sky Gazer Towel - The Bondi
Sky Gazer Towel - The Bondi

Sky Gazer Towel - The Bondi


Sky Gazer's vibrant range of luxury beach towels are Soft, sand free, odourless, ultra-absorbent, quick dry and durable! What's there not to love?

Sky Gazer towels are the ultimate, on-trend and standout accessory whether it be for travel, gym, beach or pool. Exquisitely engineered using our innovative 350gsm SandResist™ fabric.

Eggplant & Poppy are just LOVING these!!


Ok, so what's the big deal? Let us tell you...

Sand Free. Just you wait, the sand will literally roll off!

Zipped Case. Comes in a matching neoprene case. Perfect for storing your valuables while at the beach or working out.

Super Absorbent. Absorbs up to 3 x its own weight in water by holding the water inside its specially woven pockets.

Quick Dry. Dries 3 x faster than cotton. Not bad eh?

Odourless. Those pesky damp smells are now a thing of the past. You can use our towels multiple times before the need to wash.

Lightweight & Compact. It's true, despite the myriad of features our towels are lightweight and compact.

Hook. To let the air do its thing!

Soft and Durable. As soft as butter and is 10 x more durable than cotton. So they're perfect for the family.

Sizes and Designs. Large 160cm x 80cm (63” x 32”). Matchy-matchy designs for mums/daughters and dads/sons alike.


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