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Self-Care For Every Day
Self-Care For Every Day

Self-Care For Every Day


This beautiful book is filled with simple self-care tips and ideas to help you nurture your well-being every day Self-care comes in many guises, but at its heart it s anything you do to take care of yourself. It could be five minutes of gentle breathing, time reserved for pursuing a hobby, or the joy of a hot shower as long as it leaves you feeling restored and refreshed. Within these pages you will find a raft of simple but effective tips to help on your journey, including: Why self-care is key to happiness and health Finding the best methods for you How to fit self-care into a busy schedule Inspiration to nourish your mind, body and soul We all need to take time out every now and again to recharge our batteries. Whenever you find your energy fading, dip into this beautiful book and find strength again.

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