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Ritual Oil - Protection & Banishing
Ritual Oil - Protection & Banishing

Ritual Oil - Protection & Banishing


How To Use:
Use in a petition or intention paper which can be wrapped up and disposed of, or safely burnt. Place a drop on any personal effects you wish to guard.
Write the name of someone/something you wish to banish from your life and add a drop of oil, instructing that this drop of oil is to remove and banish.
This ritual oil can be paired with candles, sigils, planetary alignments (Mars or Saturn), colour correspondences (grey, black or white), crystals (black tourmaline, onyx, obsidian,  ) or intentions alone.


Size: 10ml / 200 drops

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, frankincense*, patchouli*, juniper berry*, palo santo*, sandalwood*, organic agrimony, organic juniper berry, organic vervain.
+ Black tourmaline essence

*denotes essential oil.


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