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Purification Intention Kit
Purification Intention Kit
Purification Intention Kit
Purification Intention Kit
Purification Intention Kit
Purification Intention Kit
Purification Intention Kit
Purification Intention Kit

Purification Intention Kit

Tools in this kit include:


Your smudge stick is made using organically and sustainably harvested Californian White Sage, and your Palo Santo stick is from the coast of Peru.

When you want to clear out the energy of a particular room, object or person, using a smudge stick is an easy and effective way to achieve this. Smudging is done to rid homes and people of bad energy, vibrations and help to ward off any negativity. When burned, the smoke of these sacred ingredients attaches to the negative influence, and shifts it from the person and space.

For centuries, both of these magical earth offerings have been used as a ceremonial and spiritual remedy for protecting, purifying and cleansing. Consider it like taking an energetic shower, or doing deep metaphysical cleansing. The smoke actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress and fear responses.

White sage is the most sacred of all the smudging herbs and is used for clearing negativity from both inside and outside ourselves, and the spaces we occupy. Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal. The name literally translates to mean ‘Holy Wood.’

We recommend opening selected windows (negativity needs an exit point by which to leave). Light your chosen smudge stick, and allow to burn until smoking, then blow out remaining flames. Hold in your dominant hand, and start at the beginning of the room rotating the smudge and continuing throughout the space.

Affirm your intentions as you go, visualising the smoke removing the negative energy and dissipating, blowing out through the open window and disappearing into nothingness. By smudging with respect and intent, the symbolism goes beyond the physical, enhancing your spiritual connection.

To extinguish, place in a fire safe dish and always use the appropriate safety, caution and respect when working with fire.


Your handmade candle and crystal infused room spray are created with magickal intent using the same healing properties to support the cleansing and clearing of your environment. During times it may be unsuitable to use a smudge, simply spritz the room, and or light your candle saying your chosen spell, prayer or affirmation. They can also be used in addition to support your smudging rituals to add extra intent to your purification practice.

They are created using essence of Sage flower, with white sage, clary sage, palo santo and ylang ylang essential oils. It is grounded by using Ormus (originally ORMEs, standing for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements) a generic term referring to any suspension of precious metal elements in monatomic form.

The Ormus are thought to be superconductors allowing clearer cell-to-cell communication, while all the oils used in the creation of the kit have significant cleansing, healing and mood enhancing elements.

The most important thing we want to share, is to trust yourself, your intuition, and your ability to heal yourself. Find rituals and practices that feel right for you.

You’ve got this.

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