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Notorious Natural Perfumes
Notorious Natural Perfumes
Notorious Natural Perfumes
Notorious Natural Perfumes

Notorious Natural Perfumes


The Spiritual Toolbox has had it's own exclusive range of perfumes for a few years now so some blends have been reused for Notorious, some are new and others have been revamped for aromatic longevity. 

As per out usual standards, we provide full transparency for ingredients. Unfortunately the fragrance industry can keep their ingredients under wraps legally whilst negatively impacting our hormones with artificial fragrance oils and chemicals called phthalates. These are endocrine system disrupting chemicals that act in a similar way to plastics in the body. 

Notorious Perfume and The Spiritual Toolbox will NEVER use artificial fragrance oils.

The Blends: Eau De Parfum 10ml

Infamous - This blend is Psychic Shield 2.0. Hence the name ;) If you love Psychic Shield, you will ADORE this blend. Yes it still holds the same energetic properties too.

Tempt - Surrender The Soul 2.0. It's alluring. soothing. very vanilla-esque

Empire - A whole new scent, more masculine yet still neutral.

Untamed - Guardian of The Woods 2.0. A crowd fave, it's wild. it's sexy. It has a hint of the unknown. 


Diverse Natural Scents - Indulge in a variety of organic, cruelty-free fragrance oils, each crafted by expert aromatherapists. From the warmth of Organic Patchouli to the zest of Italian Bergamot, experience luxury in harmony with nature.

Perfect for Gifting - Whether you’re looking for the ideal eco-friendly gift or wanting to expand your olfactory palette, our sample pack is designed to enchant and inspire.

Travel-Friendly Sizes -  Each sample is thoughtfully sized for on-the-go discovery, allowing you to experience the allure of natural perfumery wherever life takes you.

Inclusive Experience - With options ranging from woody to floral, citrus to spicy, find a scent to suit every taste and occasion in our all-inclusive sample pack.

Crafted in the heart of Sydney, Notorious Perfume embodies the essence of nature and the audacity of modern living. Dive into scents that provoke, inspire, and linger – all while staying true to nature's raw beauty.

Every drop in a Notorious bottle is a testament to nature's potency. Sourced ethically, and crafted passionately, our all-natural ingredients guarantee a fragrance experience unlike any other.


Infamous - Sugar Cane Alcohol, May Chang, Rosemary, Patchouli, Frankincense, Bergamot, Vanilla, Amber 

Tempt - Sugar Cane Alcohol, Peru Balsam, organic Bergamot (Bergaptene Free), organic Cypress, Elemi, organic Juniper Berry, organic Patchouli.

Untamed Sugar Cane AlcoholAustralian buddha wood, Australian sandalwood, organic bergamot (Bergaptene Free), organic frankincense Carterii, Egyptian jasmine absolute.

Empire - Sugar Cane Alcohol, Oakmoss, Tobacco, Amyris, Benzoin, Tonka Bean.

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