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Hair Of The Dog: 80 Hangover Cocktails & Cures
Hair Of The Dog: 80 Hangover Cocktails & Cures

Hair Of The Dog: 80 Hangover Cocktails & Cures


No such thing as a cure for a hangover? Guess again, you can thank eggplant + poppy......


You wake up, head spinning, stomach churning, wishing you were dead. You have a hangover - and celebrated bartender Salvatore Calabrese is here to help. He explains why we get hangovers and how to avoid them, temper them, and heal them the morning after. To do this, "Maestro" Calabrese shares his secret drink recipes to lessen the pounding in your head, from the Apothecary, Bartender's Breakfast, and Corpse Reviver to the Spirit Lifter, Suffering Bastard, and Wake-Up Call.

If you can't stomach the thought of more booze, try a nonalcoholic remedy, including the Cleanser Cocktail, Dale DeGroff's Macho Gazpacho, or a Virgin Mary. OMG this sounds too good to be true already....

Packed with insightful quotes, expert advice, and a generous dose of humour, Hair of the Dog also provides a handy hangover scale to judge your level of suffering, a three-day detox program, and a collection of herbal remedies.

With the Maestro's help, you'll be back on your feet in no time!

Who's keen to put these suggestions to the test? *hand up*

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