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Dateless Wonderland Planner
Dateless Wonderland Planner
Dateless Wonderland Planner
Dateless Wonderland Planner
Dateless Wonderland Planner
Dateless Wonderland Planner
Dateless Wonderland Planner
Dateless Wonderland Planner
Dateless Wonderland Planner
Dateless Wonderland Planner

Dateless Wonderland Planner


Welcome to the Wonderland Dateless Planner. 

A magical little world that was lovingly created for you. Full to the brim of original drawings that will inspire your own adventures, the 'The Wonderland Dateless Planner' is here to guide you through your next chapter. 

A true work of the heart and soul this planner is a perfect fusion of both mindfulness and organisation.

Enough room to plan and schedule your days but with the freedom to tailor the space to your needs, the Planner has lots of wonderful features sprinkled on every page. Blank spaces are included in both monthly and weekly spreads, as well as loads of blank space at the back for extra note taking and doodling. To-do lists are included and goal setting is encouraged. Keep track of your dollars, celebrate your achievements, record your treasured memories and express gratitude both weekly and monthly. Oh and did I mention monthly reflections? I don't think I did, but there's that too!

The 'Wonderland Dateless Planner' is suitable for you no matter where you live! No dates or details correlating to the measurement of time, so anyone anywhere can use this planner how they need.

I could write so much more about this planner, but it's magic is truly something that needs to be experienced in person. I have truly put my heart and soul into creating this planner and I hope its something that inspires you and helps guide you through your year. 

What is a dateless planner?

A good question! This is a bit of a special format where a planner has absolutely no dates. There are still places you can enter dates, but the great thing about not having them entered for you is that you can use this planner whenever you like! And if you miss a month? Just pick up where you left off :). It's as simple as that! 


- Blank yearly spread
- A four page monthly spread at the beginning of each month
- Vertical column weekly spreads for appointments and notes

Inside contents

- Letter to future & past self 
- Weekly affirmations
- Weekly tracking/trackers
- Adult reminders
- Self care menu
- To-do lists 
- Yearly, monthly and weekly goals
- Blank spaces for custom notes & doodles
- End of year & month reflections
- Dotted & blank pages at the back for notes & doodles


- Original & exclusive artworks by TQCC creator 'Sydonie'
- A5 Size (14.8 x 21 x 2.5cm)
- 780g (physical weight)
- 120GSM Paper

- Ribbon page marker 
- Full Cover Foil Detailing 
- Foiled Paper Edges

Additional Notes

- Tracking Circles in weekly spread: Okay let me clear this one up haha! I get a lot of messages about this but it's really super easy. The tracking circles in the top daily columns can be used for tracking your mood, the moon, if you're drank enough water that day, if you ate your three meals, your period, exercise, reading or medication. Whatever you feel like you might need to track, you can do it those three dots and the tracking section on the bottom left of the weekly spread. 

Foiling is a sensitive material, please be gentle when storing and carrying as this material wares with use. We recommend carrying the Planner in a book sleeve to keep it protected. 

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