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Cats On The Job

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In recent years, dogs have received attention for performing tasks such as sniffing out cancer, helping hospital patients recover, and serving in our military. But cats have not been sitting idly by.

Indeed, felines of all stripes are earning their keep in a surprising variety of jobs. While a number of working cats are specifically hired for their superb mouse-catching skills, others have more focused careers as hosts and bedwarmers at inns and hotels, as assistants to bike messengers, or as companions at bookstores.

Some even provide therapy and comfort as diabetic alert cats and service cats for veterans and children. And in the case of those cats who are originally brought on for their mousing skills, it often doesn't take long for their job duties to expand as their talents are discovered.

Each one of Cats on the Job's stories of adorable feline coworkers will be paired with heartwarming color photographs, making this the perfect book for cat lovers of all ages.


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