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Insectopia: The Wonderful World Of Insects
Insectopia: The Wonderful World Of Insects

Insectopia: The Wonderful World Of Insects


This large-format encyclopedia focuses on the world’s largest group of animals  insects.

Insects are the most diverse and abundant creatures on Earth, yet we often overlook their critical role in our ecosystem. Insectopia, the third book in the Large Encyclopedias series, invites young readers to explore the fascinating world of insects with expert entomologist Jiří Kolibac and the stunning illustrations of Pavel Dvorsky and his wife Pavla Dvorsky.

With 96 pages of engaging content and lifelike full-page illustrations, Insectopia provides an immersive journey into the realm of these tiny creatures, whose behavior, shapes, and colours surprise us with their complexity. Kids will learn about the full range of topics related to insects, including complex rituals of courtship, tender care for offspring, organisation of insect states, wars over food sources, and various insect features (scents, colourful wings, sharp mandibles, etc.).

In addition to exploring this complex world of insects, young readers will also discover the importance of insects to humankind and all life on our planet. They will learn about how insects are found everywhere, from arid deserts to freshwater pools, and how they play a crucial role in pollination, decomposition, and pest control.

Written for children aged 12–15 who are nature lovers, biology enthusiasts, or just curious about the world around us, Insectopia is an essential addition to any young reader’s library. This informative and beautifully illustrated encyclopedia highlights the importance of insects and their contribution to our world. Whether used as a reference for school or as a fun read at home, Insectopia is a must-have resource for any young nature lover.

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