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Classic No.12 - Ginger Flower, Patchouli + Frangipani
Classic No.12 - Ginger Flower, Patchouli + Frangipani

Classic No.12 - Ginger Flower, Patchouli + Frangipani


The Classic, original collection comprised of hand-blended fragrances in a monochrome design.
Each vessel is finished with a custom-etched timber lid. True to Loobylou beginnings, each scent features a quote intended to inspire contemplation.
Filled with Loobylous own unique scents, made from only quality materials. Classic.


'I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.'   Nelson Mandela

For the longest time, customers has been asking that Loobylou do something with Frangipani – and they steadfastly refused until they found the PERFECT oil.
They found it and it’s incredible – there’s an authenticity and freshness to this fragrance that is breathtaking The deep full rounded smell of Ginger flower is a perfect partner for Wild Frangipani, and the patchouli provides a rich base that cuts through the sweetness, but not altering the delicate and scent of the flowers. Perfect for those who appreciate floral scents, but are not fans of sickly sweets fragrances. You will appreciate the subtle layering, and the general beauty of this scent.

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