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Wrappa Reusable Wraps - Jumbo

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These individual jumbo wraps are a huge 35 x 50cm!
Great for crusty bread, large veggies or even a huge snack bag ready for your movie time treats!

WRAPPA is the home of REUSABLE ESSENTIALS! Not only do we handmake gorgeous beeswax and plant based* reusable food wraps, we also offer a range of carefully selected Eco Essentials to help make that #onesmallchange towards a greener lifestyle. *WRAPPA developed the world’s first plant based, vegan friendly food wrap! 

Wrappa Reusable wraps are designed and handmade in South Australia using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, either local filtered beeswax or plant based wax (VEGAN friendly), damar resin (they do NOT use pine resin due to high allergen issues) and jojoba oil (there is no coconut oil in these wraps which means they will not go greasy!), these stunning food wraps are a must for every household.

WRAPPA’s reusable food wraps are handmade in Australia. 

WRAPPA are also the ONLY reusable food wrap company in the WORLD to have been Certified Palm Oil Free by POFCAP!

Using Wrappa Wraps

Wrap your fruit and veggies in the fridge. Cover the other half of your avocado. Wrap up the kid’s
sandwiches. Cover your salad bowls. Use to stop your cutting board from slipping on the bench.
Roll pastry or dough on top of them. Make fun little snack bags with the kids!

The list is simply endless!


The Magic is in Your Hands

What is the secret? It is the warmth from your hands that softens the wraps
just enough to allow them to stick! That is it!


Oh… did we mention the smell? It’s divine! Wrappa have worked hard to get our wraps to
still have that gorgeous natural smell to them and there is no need to worry
about the smell transferring to your food, as it doesn’t happen!


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