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Wholistic Witchcraft
Wholistic Witchcraft

Wholistic Witchcraft


'Wholistic witchcraft' can be defined as living wholistically while also travelling your magickal path. This means living with your mind, body and soul in alignment, and nurturing yourself physically, mentally and spiritually on a daily basis. This is not only vital for your total wellbeing, but also for your witchcraft.

Without that foundation, it's difficult to keep your vibration - AKA your energy - high. And it's only when you're vibrating at that high level can you perform your best magick.

In this book you'll discover why each of these keys are so important and why living by them can improve anyone's health and wellbeing, which in the end is all the better for your magick.

Once you've started to work on the five keys, you'll be ready to discover:


  • The basics you'll need to step out onto the path You'll learn all about energy, cycles, elements, deities and other magickal beings, and how to work with each of these in the first section of this book.
  • Tools to help you on your way In the second section, you'll discover tools that can help you to explore and grow spiritually - divination, creating sacred spaces, ways to keep your magick with you and building a supportive community around you.
  • Advanced techniques to help you spiral into transformation: Finally, in the third section, we'll start to explore deeper with higher-level techniques that include healing, self-love, shadow work and reclaiming your power.


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