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The Bumhole Diaries

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As nurses from across the world have shared, many, many people have “fallen” anus-first onto inanimate objects and ended up in hospital for extractions. Not only did these individuals dare to insert peculiar items in unspeakable places they also had the audacity—nay, the brilliance—to accompany their erotic endeavours with entirely implausible explanations. These are their stories.

Author Shannon Kelly White enjoyed a nursing career at a bustling Melbourne hospital where she learned firsthand that many people “fall” anus-first onto inanimate objects and end up in emergency departments for extractions. This discovery led her on a quest to collect holesome tales from nurses across the globe. She found that hospitals everywhere are bursting with patients who not only dared to insert foreign bodies into nooks and crannies they simply shouldn’t have, but also relay their preposterously hilarious tales earnestly and with a straight face to attending medical professionals. They deserve recognition. They deserve The Bumhole Diaries.

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