Thank You Teacher

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What do rock superstars, Nobel laureates, bestselling novelists, astronauts, and attorneys general have in common? A teacher changed their lives. In 1993, when actor Tom Hanks received a Best Actor Oscar he thanked his high school drama teacher.

Like Hanks, many can name a teacher who gave them not only good instruction but also confidence and drive. But, in the face of teachers being blamed for a variety of social and economic woes, teachers themselves can easily wonder whether they are making a difference in students lives.

When veteran teacher Bruce Holbert asked himself this question, his wife, Holly Holbert, responded by sending letters to hundreds of people she had never met and had no reason to believe would respond, asking about teachers who mattered to them. She was overwhelmed by answers.

"Thank You, Teacher" presents more than eighty of these up-close-and-personal stories. By a delightfully diverse range of contributors (from acclaimed writer George Saunders to PBS chef Daisy Martinez), these essays are wise and witty testaments to the teachers who do what they do every day without expecting recognition, but who so richly deserve it."


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