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Soy Candle - Unicorn Poo

If a unicorn poops in the forest, and no one’s around to sniff it, does it still smell like cupcakes? (*scratches head*)

This ain’t your average candle; it’s not pretty, it’s not sophisticated, and it sure as hell doesn’t smell like French Vanilla and Pear. It does, however, smell like Unicorn Poo: a vibrant, colourful, fruity bitch-slap to your nostrils that will leave you feeling like you’ve just snorted a line of glitter with My Little Pony.

The perfect candle for the young (and young at heart), our best-selling Unicorn Poo soy candle smells like hopes and dreams..and a shittonne of glitter. 100% vegan with no beeswax in sight, no animals (or unicorns) were harmed in the making of this candle.

With all the razzle-dazzle you’d expect from the poop of a mythical creature, this part- sweet, part-badass candle is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. (Except a real unicorn, of course – those f*ckers are hard to find.)

Buy it for: The babe in your life who’s just that lil’ bit extra. Think: a no-f*cks-given unicorn in a sea of vanilla-lovin’ basic bitches.

Top notes: vanilla, kiwi fruit
Middle notes: mango, bubblegum
Bottom notes: grapefruit, banana and fresh strawberries

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