Happy Me, limited edition perfume oil

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A fun collaboration with The Chooks Pyjamas, with words from Shelley, owner....

We had a lot of fun collaborating to create this exquisite natural fragrance. First we started with blind fragrance sampling, as I wanted the ladies to be guided by how they felt when they experienced the blends... and let me tell you, Em and Kirst could not have chosen more perfect oils for their personalities... they then chose the very apt name, and Happy Me was born!


Not only does Happy Me smell amazing, its light subtle scent is jam packed with health benefits.... it's quite literally the gift that keeps on giving.


The base note we chose for Happy Me is Vetiver. I can't even describe how much I love this oil, its woodsy and earthy in fragrance and is well known for both its anti-inflammatory, and relaxation properties. It is beautifully, deeply calming and can also assist in reducing feelings of stress (uh, yes please)


Neroli is our middle note. Lightly floral with a subtle citrus twist, Neroli was highly regarded by the ancient Egyptians for its ability to heal the mind body and spirit, and widely used for its anti depressive properties to assist with feelings of anxiety.


And finally our top note is Bergamot. This oil is used widely in traditional Italian medicine and was actually used in the very first ever genuine eau de cologne! It provides a calming presence with hormonal support and can be used to assist  with feelings of agitation, anxiety and insomnia. It yields a distinctive spicy-floral scent which provides a beautifully complex pleasing scent. 


So with the careful combination of these three powerhouse essential oils, this unique blend creates a mood-lifting feeling of sheer happiness, which simply embodies everything that is these wonderful ladies... Happy Me, for E&P xx


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