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Goddess Guide

Which goddess will help me invite love into my life?

Is there an Indian goddess who presides over wealth?

Does Kuan Yin represent compassion or truth?

For anyone who's ever wondered which form of the Divine Feminine to invoke for a particular ritual, blessing, prayer, or meditation, "The Goddess Guide" is a goddess-send!

This invaluable at-a-glance cross-reference offers instant info on more than 400 goddesses from diverse cultures around the world - simply look up the keyword that best matches your intention.

The goddesses are organized according to their names, attributes, colours, elements, sabbats, light and dark feminine aspects (maidens, mothers, and crones), and geographical regions. This title gets you know all aspects of the goddesses who bring about healing, heightened passion, success, weight loss, and much more. This reference book deserves a spot on every serious practitioner's bookshelf.

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