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Generator - Smokey Quartz (Medium)

Smokey quartz is a powerful grounding and balancing stone known for its ability to help you move on from painful memories of the past.

With its powerful cleansing and detoxing effects use this stone to amplify the energy of all the stones surrounding it. A spiritual band-aid to painful emotional wounds.

For a quick pick-me-up, hold the stone in your hand and feel the calming waves of healing properties infusing your mind and body. With its powerful yet gentle spiritual nutrition, it works to release negative emotions like jealousy, fear, and anger

With its subtle shades of brown, Smoky Quartz crystal healing properties work to reconnect us to the earth and its life-giving soil, making it one of the best stones for grounding and balancing. Use Smoky Quartz as a gentle, healing force that anchors you to our ever-spinning planet.

Place Smoky Quartz in areas with electronics such as the entertainment room or workspace and give it the important job of absorbing and transmuting electromagnetic radiation, its trademark healing benefit.

Photo is indicative only and does NOT show the obelisk you will receive.


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