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Essential Oil - Mother Earth

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Embrace the nurturing, life-giving essence of nature with this warm, nourishing blend.

Rich Florals | Warm and Earthy | Sweet Citrus Notes

With sweet citrus notes, lush florals and warm earthy aromas, feel enveloped by the gentle love of Mother Earth.




Rose Absolute
Rose absolute pure essential oil embodies the heart and soul of mother earth. The rosy floral aroma soothes and comforts the heart.

Grounding, spiritual patchouli pure essential oil promotes connection with mother earth.

Revitalising, nurturing, grounding vetiver pure essential oil promotes a sense of place and belonging with nature.

Sweet Orange
Sweet orange pure essential oil has a joyful, effervescent nature and opens the heart to a bubbling spring of optimism, vitality, creativity and radiant happiness.
Warming, invigorating cardamom pure essential oil restores our appetite for life.

Sweet, floral geranium embodies the essence of the care-giver archetype, promoting compassion, balance, harmony and love.

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