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Demeter Fragrance - Rain
Demeter Fragrance - Rain

Demeter Fragrance - Rain


Is the cleanest and most delicate of all Demeter fragrances, with a subtle scent which is difficult to define.

You know it's coming, you can smell it in the air. On hot and dry summer days, when there is a thunderstorm brewing just over the next hill, it seems like you can 'smell' the rain. 

What you really smell comes not from the air, but the ground. Plants release oils that enter the soil and blend with the other earthy odours, and these odours are released into the air when the relative humidity at ground level exceeds 75%. Moist, humid air will transmit scents far better than dry air. In these moist and humid conditions, we notice these odours much more readily. As rain is so often connected with moist humid air, we tend to associate one with the other.

Demeter's Rain Cologne Spray captures this complex sensory moment perfectly.

30 ml

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