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Demeter Fragrance - Cotton Candy

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Demeter 'Cotton Candy' 30 ml Cologne Spray

Sweet and delicious cotton candy is made from sugar that is heated and spun into slim threads that look like a mass of cotton. It was invented in America in 1897 by John Wharton, a candy maker from Nashville, Tennessee. He invented a device that heated sugar in a spinning bowl that had tiny holes in it. It formed a treat that they originally called "Fairy Floss." Wharton introduced fairy floss to the world at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, and sold huge amounts of it for 25 cents a box. The term "cotton candy" began to be used for this treat in about 1920. In Australia we called it "fairy floss."

The Demeter Cotton Candy Cologne Spray is reminiscent of this childhood treat, predominantly enjoyed at shows, fairs and carnivals. It will be loved by those with a sweet tooth!

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