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Death To Jar Sauce

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Our favourite sweary, anti-jar-sauce warrior is back . . . and he’s actually
written a whole cookbook this time.

The world’s a confusing and chaotic place. We thought lockdown was over . . . it wasn’t.
We hoped life would go back to normal . . . it hasn’t.

But Nat’s What I Reckon knows one thing is definitely still true: jar sauce can get f*cked.

So, to help champions keep levelling up their cooking skills and making ripper feeds from
scratch at home, Nat has created this collection of 25 sh*t hot recipes that will get you out
of a jam. This is stuff that’s simple, easy to follow and tastes delicious, like Honey B*stard
Chicken, Get F*cked Roast Potatoes and Frownie Reversal Orange Chocolate Brownies.

There are no questionable ingredients here: purely Nat’s trademark humour, a big dash of
cheekiness and some genuinely handy culinary tips to boot. Death to Jar Sauce will see
you through the good times and the tough times, hopefully with a few solid laughs and
some awesome food on your plate.

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