Bio Deo - Natural Deodorant

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Available in 2 convenient sizes!

Bio-Deo All Natural Deodorant Paste is a safe, non-toxic alternative to antiperspirant deodorant.  Conventional deodorants contain numerous chemicals which inhibit the sweat glands natural perspiration, particularly during exercise or warmer environments. 

Bio-Deo offers a safe, natural alternative whilst managing body odour like a boss!


Free from aluminium and parabens, Bio-Deo will keep you odour free and smelling amazing all day long, no matter what your day has in store!


Suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities?Bring it on. Bio-Deo's detoxifying formulation reduces skin irritation and surface bacteria, making it perfect for those suffering discomfort due to conventional deodorant.


Made from only the purest natural ingredients, Bio-Deo is designed to draw away odor-causing impurities whilst maintaining the health of your skin.  No parabens or aluminium will be found in this product. Ever.


Bio-Deo has been tested on outdoorsmen and gym junkies alike, those in humid tropical climates and simply those who struggle with body odour.  I'm telling you this really works!


minimises moisture

neutralises odor

100% all natural ingredients

alcohol free

aluminium free

paraben free

australian made!!




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